Horse Keychains

A horse symbolizes unrestrained freedom, flexibility, and passion. A horse is also a Feng shui symbol meaning prosperity, continuous forward motion, personal drive, growth, stamina, and loyalty. It is associated with the element of fire and robust masculine energy. The meaning of vitality and independent attitude is reflected in most of the novelties available in different shapes, designs, and made with eco-friendly materials. 

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Legend of Zelda Keychains

The Legend of Zelda is a Japanese action-adventure video game. The game signifies universal time-periods, starting at the ancient past and ending at the future date. The character of the Legend of Zelda is originally inspired by a Japanese novel, “explorations”. The lead character showcases his importance by connecting people. The Legend of Zelda keychains are available in unique shapes, designs, and durable substances.

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Keyblade Keychains

Keyblades are weapons about the size of an average sword. It is featured in the Kingdom of Hearts role-playing game series. The character Sora uses this mighty keyblade, and it is the main armament in the battle between the Darkness and Light. The weapon is also used as a key to open door, chests, locks, and links to another world. Keyblade keychains are available in unique designs and materials.

Keyblade Keychains: Signifying Mysticism and Protection

Keyblade Keychain

Keyblade Keychains Available on Amazon

This keychain showcases a Kingdom Hearts Oathkeeper’ keyblade affixed with a lobster clasp and ring. It is made from pewter or a durable composite metal alloy.

Kingdom Hearts Oathkeeper Keyblade Keychain

It is a keychain featuring the Kingdom Hearts Oblivion keyblade. This artifact is made from premium quality, imported and durable pewter, and hangs from a lobster clasp.

Kingdom Hearts Pewter Keyblade Keychain

This keychain shows the Kingdom Hearts Ultima game series weapon of keyblade. It is securely fixed to a sturdy chain and onto a lobster fastener for multi-purpose use.

Ultima Keyblade Keychain

The Braveheart Keyblade keychain displays the mysterious weapon from the video game series of Kingdom Hearts used by Sora. It is an imported item from Japan.

Braveheart Keyblade Keychain

This keychain showcases a keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts 3 of Foreteller Invi game series. The imported collectible is made from nickel-plated zinc alloy and is 7 inches in length.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade Keychains

Keyblade Keychains from Other Stores

It is an attractive keychain displaying a keyblade weapon from the Kingdom of Hearts Oblivion game series. The artifact is a handmade product composed of non-toxic acrylic material.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Keychain

The keychain features a keyblade used by the character Sora from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. It is an imported article made from a pewter metallic alloy.

Disney Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Keychain

This keychain shows a mini keyblade sword, a replica product from the Kingdom Hearts fandom series. The product has glossy colors and is attached firmly to a lobster fastener from a chain with a ring.

Kingdom Keyblade Keychain

The limited-edition keychain product consists of a keyblade used by Lea Axel from the Kingdom Hearts game series. It is hanged to a small but sturdy chain.

Axel Keyblade Keychain

Keyblade keychains can be gifted to anyone, irrespective of age and gender. At the same time, it can be an exclusive memento for those who love the video game series.

Rose Keychains

A red rose symbolizes love and romance. It is known as the lover’s rose and signifies deep emotion and enduring passion. Red rose can also convey esteem, gratitude, and affection. The pink rose symbolizes benediction, grace, happiness, and appreciation. The orange rose signifies enthusiasm and passion. A yellow rose symbolizes friendship. It also means ‘expression of exuberance.’ White roses portray chastity and virtue. Rose keychains are available in an assortment of designs and materials.

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Cross Keychains

A Cross is the principal symbol of the Christian religion. The Cross signifies a sign of Jesus Christ and the faith of the Christians. It means the Crucifixion of Jesus and showcases the death of Christ and resurrection. Moreover, it symbolizes an act of faith, prayer, dedication, and a blessing. Cross keychains are available for everyone, in different designs and substances.

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Kermit Keychains

Kermit is a cartoon frog depicted as a Muppet character under the Disney brand of Kermit created by Jim Henson. It appeared in many television series, like The Muppet Show. The nature of Kermit, the frog, is always kind and loyal. The frog often finds himself in bizarre situations from the actions of his friends. He is also a natural comedian, and laugh relentlessly with body shaking postures. Kermit keychains are available for anyone in various shapes and sizes.

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