Lighter Keychains

Lighter is the best symbol of faith and self-belief. In someone’s dream, the fire of a lighter signifies a bright and good thing in life. Again, if a lighter is gifted to somebody, it delivers a message of success and good fortune. A lighter keychain can be gifted to anyone.

Lighter Keychains: Symbolizing Credence, and Shining Prosperity

Lighter Keychain

Lighter Keychains Available on Amazon

This product showcases a four-in-one useful item that can be gifted to your loved ones. It consists of a durable key ring with a fast-open buckle, a hidden exchangeable coil lighter, and an in-built USB port to charge the lighter. The innovative artifact does not require any gas or fuel and is a flame-less, windproof item made from tungsten metal alloy.

Flameless Lighter Keychain

This keychain displays a windproof electric plasma lighter with a USB rechargeable facility. The novelty is made from zinc alloy, and is fixed firmly to a ring.

Electric Lighter Keychain

The lighter keychain features a car model made from a windproof metallic alloy with a built-in USB charging port. It is an elegant showpiece which can be gifted to family and friends.

USB Charging Metal Lighter Keychain

It is a lighter keychain carved out of a solid brass metal that is fixed from its top. This mini waterproof item is very robust and long-lasting.

Mini Brass Lighter Keychain

This innovative keychain product showcases a premium quality durable waterproof metallic match lighter. It is a great utility article for outdoor activities and helps anyone as a survival tool for emergency scenarios.

Metal Lighter Keychain

Lighter Keychains from Other Stores

This is a keychain featuring a rechargeable match lighter cum bottle opener. It is made from metallic alloy, and a great easy-to-carry survival tool during exigencies.

Keychain Lighter

It is a unique showpiece keychain, that includes an electric turbo lighter with a built-in micro-USB. The electrically-heated coil ignites all combustible items with great ease, emitting two different sounds when the on and off buttons are pressed.

Turbo Lighter Keychain

This is a durable mini oil lighter created in the form of a keychain. The portable souvenir is produced from a non-corrosive metallic alloy and affixed to a sturdy decorative chain from the top of the lighter.

Mini Keychain Lighter

This keychain features a rechargeable cigarette lighter made from a mixture of tungsten, composite zinc alloy, and stainless steel. It is fixed from one end in a double-looped ring.

Cigarette Lighter Keychain

It is a keychain lighter that can also be used as a bottle opener. The artifact can be hanged as a pendant and serves as a great survival kit.

Bottle Opener Lighter Keychain

The compact keychain is an innovative flameless USB rechargeable lighter featuring a BMW logo. It is fixed to a double-ring fastener from one end, while an easy-to-open square clasp is molded to the other end of the item.

USB Lighter Keychain

This keychain lighter is a remarkable mini gadget, and an essential item for various outdoor activities. It is a waterproof collectible made from a metallic alloy substance.

Waterproof Lighter Keychain

Lighter keychains can be found in an assorted range of sizes and designs built with different kinds of materials. A perfect gift to be presented to anyone irrespective of their age and gender.






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