Horse Keychains

A horse symbolizes unrestrained freedom, flexibility, and passion. A horse is also a Feng shui symbol meaning prosperity, continuous forward motion, personal drive, growth, stamina, and loyalty. It is associated with the element of fire and robust masculine energy. The meaning of vitality and independent attitude is reflected in most of the novelties available in […]

Legend of Zelda Keychains

The Legend of Zelda is a Japanese action-adventure video game. The game signifies universal time-periods, starting at the ancient past and ending at the future date. The character of the Legend of Zelda is originally inspired by a Japanese novel, “explorations”. The lead character showcases his importance by connecting people. The Legend of Zelda keychains […]

Rose Keychains

A red rose symbolizes love and romance. It is known as the lover’s rose and signifies deep emotion and enduring passion. Red rose can also convey esteem, gratitude, and affection. The pink rose symbolizes benediction, grace, happiness, and appreciation. The orange rose signifies enthusiasm and passion. A yellow rose symbolizes friendship. It also means ‘expression […]