Doctor Who Keychain

The famous Sci-fi series has inspired many merchandises to take over the market. Doctor Who keychains are available for all, but especially for the fans and followers who would love to receive them.

Doctor Who Keychains: Signifying Maturity, Prudence, and Intellect.

Doctor Who Keychain

Doctor Who Keychains Available on Amazon

This keychain features a deceitful character of red Dalek. The item is made from non-toxic durable plastic with an added LED light torch in its base. Batteries are included with the flashlight and keychain product.

Doctor Who Red Dalek Keychain

This is a unique keychain showing a rotating moon of Doctor Who TARDIS. It is fixed securely to a lobster buckle and a ring.

Rotatable Moon Dr Who Tardis Keychain

This novelty displays a time-traveling blue Doctor Who police TARDIS composed of glossy enamel. It is affixed to a standard ring.

Metal Doctor Who Police Box Keychain

Doctor Who Keychains from Other Stores

These are a set of three Doctor Dalek Retro Robot keychains made from mixture materials of stainless steel, lead-tin, and copper-zinc alloy. All three items are individually fixed from a small chain and a ring.

Doctor Who Dalek Keychain

This keychain features a Doctor Who TARDIS and is a handcrafted product made from pewter alloy. It is firmly attached to an easy-to-open buckle with a durable elastic chain.

Doctor Who Tardis Keychain

It is a keychain that consists of the 12th edition of Doctor Who’s. A screwdriver in the form of a keychain with an in-built led torch with green and blue lights.

Doctor Who Screwdriver Keychain

This exclusive keychain features a handcrafted artifact consisting of the TARDIS, an antique-fashioned pocket watch, a key, and a British flag. The charms are fixed to a ring separately, which is again affixed to a lobster fastener.

Doctor Who Keychains

Doctor Who keychain is available in these unique shapes, designs, and in various substances. You can gift them to your favorite persons.






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