Groot Keychains

Groot is a fictional character and a Dutch word for giant. Groot signifies massiveness, an extremely talkative personality, and is the most intelligent among the characters of Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot keychains are available in various shapes, designs, and substances.

Groot Keychains: Symbolizing Intellect and Eternity

Groot Keychain

Groot Keychains Available on Amazon

This keychain features a cute baby Groot from the movie Guardians of Galaxy 2. It is made from skin-safe and durable PVC plastic.

Fictional Character Groot Keychain

It is a keychain showing a lovely baby Groot attached to a standard ring. The collectible is composed of non-toxic premium quality PVC plastic.

Baby Groot Keychain Middle Finger

This keychain charm displays a 3D baby Groot with a turnable head. It is fixed to an easy-to-open lobster clasp and ring and can be used as a car or home accessory.

Groot Keychain with Charm

It is a set of four Groot figures from the Guardians of the Galaxy Q version. The durable toxic-free PVC plastic novelties are separately hanged from lobster fasteners and rings with chains.

PVC Groot Keychain

Groot Keychains from Other Stores

This keychain shows a baby Groot in a seated posture. The product is made from skin-safe PVC plastic and is connected to a lobster buckle and ring with chain.

Baby Groot Keychain

This keychain showcases a baby Groot in a sitting position. A sturdy chain firmly holds the item through a standard ring.

Keychain Baby Groot

This keychain includes a dancing Groot, formed out of synthetic plastic material. It is an officially licensed product of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Dancing Groot Keychain

It is a keychain featuring a mini Groot character handcrafted from authentic wood. The cute collectible can be used by anyone in their bags, and purses.

Mini Groot Keychain

The keychain shows a baby Groot made totally from embroidered material and stitched from cotton yarns, with lovely beads. It is affixed to a lobster buckle from its top.

Crochet Groot Keychain

Groot keychains can be given as gifts to anyone, keeping aside the factors of gender and age.






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