Rose Keychains

A red rose symbolizes love and romance. It is known as the lover’s rose and signifies deep emotion and enduring passion. Red rose can also convey esteem, gratitude, and affection. The pink rose symbolizes benediction, grace, happiness, and appreciation. The orange rose signifies enthusiasm and passion. A yellow rose symbolizes friendship. It also means ‘expression of exuberance.’ White roses portray chastity and virtue. Rose keychains are available in an assortment of designs and materials.

Rose Keychains: Symbolizing Love, Amity, Bliss, and Purity

Rose Keychain

Rose Keychains Available on Amazon

This item is a metallic rose strongly affixed to a standard ring by a sturdy chain. A great gift to the near and dear ones.

Silver Rose Flower Keychain

The product showcases a blossoming rose composed of durable non-corrosive metal and sparkling crystal rhinestones. It is connected to a lobster clasp and onto a ring with a chain.

Blossoming Sparkling Rose Keychain

This charming memento is made from eco-friendly zinc alloy and etched with dazzling rhinestone crystals. The durable and elegant keychain is fixed to a ring with an extra lobster fastener.

Crystal Rhinestone Rose Keychain

This lovely rose flower is engraved with glittering crystal rhinestones and is securely attached to a chain.

Bling Rose Keychain

It is an exquisitely crafted rose charm which can be customized as a necklace or bracelet. The product is affixed firmly to a lobster buckle with a small chain.

Rose Keychains

Rose Keychains from Other Stores

This black rose charm is an official product of the well-known American brand of Michael Kors. It is attached to a ring with a secure chain.

Black Rose Keychain

This beautiful artifact is handcrafted with polymer clay. The realistic item is connected to a standard ring with a chain. This is also available with a lobster clasp attachment.

Rose Flower Keychain

This keychain displays an intricately designed rose securely attached to a normal ring. It is an exclusive imported product.

Blue Rose Keychain

This artifact showcases a pair of roses made from 100% polyester material and coated totally in a metallic alloy. It is securely attached to a separate sturdy chain and fixed to a mini-ring with a lobster clasp.

Leather Rose Keychain

This keychain displays an attractive floral design embossed with Swarovski crystals all around the periphery of the artifact. It is fixed with a ring and an easy-to-open chain.

Pink Rose Keychain

This keychain shows a rose composed of hard enamel and an 18k gold-plated metal. It dangles from a ring with a chain, and an additional lobster buckle attached to it.

Red Rose Keychain

Rose keychains can be gifted to your loved and near ones. The statement of love and friendship is the perfect gift, especially between lovers and couples, irrespective of age and gender.






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