Harry Potter Keychains

Harry Potter is a fictional wizard flaunting a generous and determined approach, with a lot of modesty and humbleness. Harry Potter keychains are as popular as shapes and colors.

Harry Potter Keychains: Symbolizing Compassion and Perseverance

Harry Potter Keychain

Harry Potter Keychains Available on Amazon

This keychain shows a cute Harry Potter. It has a massive head compared to its body and hangs from a standard key ring and a lobster fastener chain.

Harry Potter Harry Keychain

It is a great novelty featuring a replica of the prominent scepter used by Hermione Granger, a friend of Harry Potter. The artifact is fixed securely to a key ring and an easy-opening lobster buckle.

Harry Potter Wand Keychain

It is an attractive Harry Potter keychain charm consisting of the Deathly Hallows symbol. The symbol represents a circle as the Resurrection Stone, a line as Elder Wand, and the surrounding triangle as a Cloak of Invisibility. A pendant showing the name of Harry Potter is also included. Both the article is affixed to a key ring, with an additional lobster clasp.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pewter Keychain

This Harry Potter hourglass keychain showcases a 3-D authorized tri-spinning pendant. A transparent crystal sand timepiece is molded in the center. It is an excellent gift for all Harry Potter followers and fanatics.

Harry Potter Hourglass Keychain

This keychain consists of handcrafted items, namely a hand-stamped disc, a silver-color doe charm, an authentic hematite gem, and a silver wings charm. All the gifts are fixed separately in a key ring with a chain.

Harry Potter Silver Doe and Golden Snitch keychain

Harry Potter Keychains from Other Stores

This is a Harry Potter keychain featuring the famous emblem of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is carved in an imported metal and connected to a lobster buckle and ring.

Harry Potter Crest Keychain

This keychain shows Harry Potter’s Gryffindor house at Hogwart. It is created from a non-toxic rubber material and is a lovely artifact to be gifted to any Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Keychain

It is a pair of keychains featuring the famous houses of Hogwarts. This is a set of personalized articles made from die-casting material polished with nickel and silver plating and engraved with laser engraved logos.

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Keychain

It is a unique keychain showcasing the mini book of The Chambers of Secrets. The inner content of this replica has blank decorated pages. This attractive keepsake is securely attached to a ring with a robust chain.

Harry Potter Book Keychain

This keychain includes an ornamental bottle opener engraved with the college batch logo of Harry Potter. It is formed out of environment-friendly aluminum alloy material.

Harry Potter Bottle Opener Keychain

It is a charming keychain displaying the emblem of the school of Harry Potter at Hogwarts. A cool memento that can be gifted to all ardent followers of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Keychain

This keychain shows a soft and mushy collectible of Harry Potter. The product has stitched eyes and can also be washed. It is attached firmly to a lobster clasp.

Harry Ppotter Plush Keychain

This keychain features a Ravenclaw Crest Medallion of Harry Potter, which is one of the four houses. It is made from hard-coated enamel, and hangs from a chain with a ring, with a lobster buckle.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Keychain

Harry Potter keychain is a must-have souvenir for all fans and admirers of the marvelous character of Harry Potter. A gift with a perfect combination of devotion.






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