Surfboard Keychain

A surfboard is a tapered-shaped platform used for surfing in the sea or ocean. They are lightweight but are durable enough to give space for an individual to stand on it and ride a wave of water. It was first invented in old Hawaii and nowadays used both by amateurs and professional surfers across the world. Surfboard keychains are a unique range of gift items for all surf-loving followers.

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Fish Hook Keychain

The fish hook is a bent piece of metal, often barbed and baited to catch a fish. It symbolizes strength, prosperity, abundance, energy, and good fortune. Moreover, it is considered as an auspicious article to travel across the seas and oceans safely. Fish hook keychains consist of a diversified range of artifacts that ranges from different colors and designs meant for everyone.

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Ladybug Keychain

Ladybug is a lady beetle, commonly called Ladybugs in North America, and ladybirds in Britain. From an astrological viewpoint, it symbolizes lady luck and brings great fortune and prosperity along with it. As the insect has a vibrant and energetic life, thus it signifies the joyous moments and high-spirited attitude with it. Besides, it is believed that keeping them on our clothes is a sign of blessing and protection. Ladybug keychains are cute and bubbly collectibles for everybody who loves to possess auspicious artifacts.

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Dragonfly Keychain

Dragonfly is an insect characterized by large, compound eyes. It symbolizes adaptability, transformation, prosperity, and self-realization. Besides, it is often regarded as a symbol of mental strength, emotional maturity, spiritual resurrection, and agility. Imbibing the qualities, the keychains with a shape of a dragonfly can be gifted to the near and the loved ones on auspicious occasions. 

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Taco Keychain

Taco is a traditional Mexican cuisine that consists of tortilla or thin flatbread topping with some exquisite fillings like chicken, seafood, cheese, or vegetables. Nowadays, it is trendy across the world, as more and more people are starting to love this unique dish. Taco keychains, thus, are much popular, especially among Mexican food lovers. It is available in different sizes and shapes.

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Pizza Keychain

A pizza is delicious food of Italian origin, adored by many across the world. The shape is usually circular with a flat form of a wheat-based mixture with unique ingredients like olives, jalapeno, and anchovies, among others. Thus, pizza keychains are meant for all devoted lovers of this unique dish. It is available in an assorted range of colors and shapes.

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Banana Keychain

Banana is the best fruit for the overall health and life balance of a person. The unique item signifies happiness and good times. Moreover, green bananas indicate new hopes and opportunities in one’s life. Besides, it also symbolizes love in a person’s life. Again, it is said that if someone dreams of bananas, it reflects sensuality and fertility. Banana keychains are available in uniquely crafted shapes and designs to catch up with the mood of the persons to who these are gifted.

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Pac Man Keychain

Pac Man is a maze arcade video game developed and released by a Japanese game developer named Namco. It is an exciting game where a player can control the animated character of Pac Man, who has to eat all dots inside the maze avoiding the four colored ghosts. Thus, Pac Man keychains are very catchy and impressive for all game lovers. Nowadays, collectibles like keychains are available in the shape and design of this popular electronic game.

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