The Buddha keychain symbolizes peace, compassion, wisdom, and enlightenment. It is a perfect gift for anyone who is looking for tranquility and happiness. Someone can use the item as a lucky charm and for bringing positive thoughts in their minds. Available in a variety of materials like plastic, wood, leather, and metal, here is a collection of fashionable Buddha keychains given below that have been reviewed by us. Feel free to check them out and get the one you like.

Buddha Keychain: To Get Wisdom and Tranquility

Buddha Keychain

Buddha Keychains Available on Amazon

The item has an attractive wire-hanged Buddha’s head-shaped pendent. One can find this keychain lucky, as according to the Chinese tradition, red color is regarded auspicious. It is made of cinnabar added with adhesive.

Buddha Head Stone Keychain

The Buddha pocket keychain is a small and cute item portraying wisdom and inner peace. Item is attached firmly by a chain to a key ring. It is a lovely gift for your near and dear ones.

Buddha Pocket Keychain

This unique gift is a charming talisman in antique bronze color. The wonderful unisex item is securely fixed to a key ring. It is an elegant and compact looking memento.

Gold Color Yoga Buddha Keychain

The item depicts the Gaun Yin form of Lord Buddha, which means tolerance and sympathy in Feng shui. It is a perfect novelty item for the loved one. It is strongly added by a nylon string to a small key ring.

Carved Buddha Keychain

Buddha Keychains from Other Stores

It is a lovely polished artifact secured to a key ring. The small item has an elegant Buddha featured with a trigger clasp.

Gold Buddha Keychain

This keychain shows Lord Buddha in a yogic posture. A metalized item, depicting a spiritual charm through the Tibetan Budhha.

Gautam Buddha Keychain

This keychain is a pocket-size beautiful artifact showcasing Buddha’s head entirely made from brass. It has got an aristocratic look fixed to a keyring by a small chain.

Buddha Head Keychain

It is a tiny cute looking Buddha dangling freely from a small chain. The chain is strongly linked to a stainless steel key ring. This is an ideal token of love for wishing someone.

Little Buddha Keychain

The keychain consists of a mini graceful Buddha figure which is both lightweight and trendy. It can be used as a bike or car key.

Pocket Buddha Keychain

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