Concha Keychains

A concha is a sweet bread roll with a crispy cookie blend topping the item. It is called a concha, as it gets its name from the round shape and the ribbed seashell-shaped texture. The concha symbolizes feminine energy, a symbol of birth, and is a good luck symbol. Besides, it also represents the womb and fertility. Concha keychains are available in various colors and materials.

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Eagle Keychains

Eagles are a symbol that signifies the sky gods. The logo conveys victory, agility, inspiration, longevity, pride, royalty, and freedom from captivity. It also portrays the message of divine power and rebirth. Eagles keychain is a must-have novelty item for anyone, especially the young generation. It is available in an assortment of shapes and designs.

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Firefighter Keychains

A firefighter is a person who helps in rescue operations in case of a fire breakout. Firefighter symbol displays the eight-point Maltese Cross, which signifies the fire’s service sacrifices to protect others from problems of a fire breakout. The symbol denotes a sense of protection and honor. Firefighter keychain is a charm that can be gifted to anyone to uplift the spirit of responsibility and safeguarding.

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Totoro Keychain

Totoro is a Japanese animated male cat, especially the hairless variety. It signifies itself as an Anime character and a bald protector or cuddle monster. The character Totoro is based on a specific Japanese folk creature like Koropokkuru. Totoro keychains are available in an assortment of shapes and colors, perfect as a gift, especially to teenagers and youngsters.

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