Betty Boop keychains are an assortment of souvenirs for all cartoon loving persons. These items exhibit the attractive animated caricature of Betty Boop. It portrays the shyness yet charismatic self-confidence of a small girl to justify herself as a mature woman. We have presented some of the best keychains with this famous Betty Boop figurines in the following list.

Betty Boop Keychains- Attractive Animated Mementos

Betty Boop Keychain

Betty Boop Keychains Available on Amazon

This article is the best quality keychain with a dangling glamorous Betty boop logo. The material is enamel and is attached to a key ring with a latch. It is ideal for young girls and teenagers.

Betty Boop Star Keychain

It is a sensual yet charming small keychain coated with a vibrant and glossy red color, free from toxic substances like lead and nickel. The novelty comes with an easy-to-use clasp that you can use as a bike or car keyring.

Betty Boop Character Keychain

This is a perfect option for giving as a gift to near and dear ones. Trinkets like lipstick, boots, and lips along with the miniature version of Betty Boop, enhance the keychain. The trademark logo is attached with a steel chain to a key ring.

Betty Boop Fashion Charms Keychain

With a classic hanging symbol of Betty Boop, this alluring product can be used as a car and bike keychain. It is small but useful.

Betty Boop Keychain with Name

The standard keychain has an impressive logo of Betty Boop in a Hawaiian trendy hip-hop style. It is a perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

Plasticolor Betty Boop Keychain

Betty Boop Keychains from Other Stores

The attractive souvenir comes with a swinging adorable mini Betty Boop logo. There is a durable fastening clip attached that can be used for different purposes.

Keychain Betty Boop

The article displays an extremely cute looking small Betty Boop. It signifies the cartoon character in an expressive mood.

Betty Boop Bobble-Head Keychain

Here, the keychain consists of a cute nurse avatar of Betty Boop. The pocket-size product is light yet durable.

Betty Boop Nurse Keychain

The item represents the famous character of Betty Boop with specially embossed words, “I Love You.” It is a beautiful yet sensual looking novelty made from PVC plastic and an ideal token of love for your dearest friends.

Betty Boop Keychains

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