Calendar Keychains

A calendar is a way to identify days and enable you to stay more informed and productive by allowing you to plan and organize your daily work and activities. Calendar keychains can be gifted to anyone without regard to gender. It is available in various shapes, designs, and materials.

Calendar Keychains: Showpiece to Schedule and Strategize

Calendar Keychain

Calendar Keychains Available on Amazon

This keychain depicts the calendar in an Aztec form, which is like a typical Mexican almanac. The artifact is intricately designed by conventional Aztec illustrations. It is firmly attached to a standard key ring.

Aztec Calendar Keychain

This is a customized pair of calendar keychains, specially meant for the couples. It denotes the wedding anniversary dates and also includes a heart pendant inscribed with the couple’s name, while special dates etched on the other sides for remembrance. It is a cool gift for Valentine’s Day that is attached to a stainless steel key ring.

Couple Calendar Keychain

This calendar keychain is in the shape of a heart embossed with February, with Valentine’s Day encircled. Another pendant says, love you. The token is made from non-allergic high-quality stainless steel. Both the items are attached separately to a steel key ring.

Heart Calendar Keychain

It is a calendar keychain composed of nickel and lead-free anti-corrosive non-allergic authentic stainless steel. The novelty displays a square-shaped special month and day remembrance tablet with a spherical pendant etched with the words, I love you. Both of them are affixed separately to a heart-shaped exclusive key ring.

Stainless Steel Calendar Keychain

This calendar keychain is made from zinc alloy displaying years from 2010 to 2060, with an etched sun and moon. It is firmly affixed to a key ring by a sturdy chain.

Metal Calendar Keychain

Calendar Keychains from Other Stores

It is a customized date keychain made from metallic alloy and highlighting the date of remembrance, which can be the wedding anniversary date.

Calendar Date Keychain

The calendar keychain consists of customized heart-shaped pendant etched with the words of love for a specific person, and also a square-shaped special calendar denoting the wedding or first date. It is fixed to a chain and key ring and made from genuine sterling silver.

Engraved Calendar Keychain

An attractive calendar keychain denoting 50 years of perpetual date is composed of composite zinc alloy. It is fixed to a standard key ring with an easy-removable small chain.

50 Years Calendar Keychain Silver

This calendar keychain is specifically meant for all the girlfriends. It is a handmade souvenir including an aluminum charm calendar and a birthstone charm.

Calendar Keychain for Girlfriend

This memento comprises of a square-shaped tailor-made calendar showing the anniversary date, and an extra pendant with the words, love you. The novelty is made from stainless steel.

Love You Calendar Keychain

The calendar keychain showcases 100 years of almanac based on the British era from 2000 to 2099 and a timer in a reverse mode. It is made from brass metal in an exclusive design.

100 Year Calendar Keychain

It is a handcrafted keychain displaying 40 years calendar and Taj Mahal image engraved on both sides. The artifact is made from brass metal and attached to the key ring by a chain.

40 Year Calendar Keychain

These calendar keychains showcase the art of planning and synchronized methods of accomplishing activities. It is thus a perfect present for everyone, including couples.






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