Sword Keychain

A sword signifies heroism, courage, justice, power, honor, and leadership. It is also a symbol of sovereignty and stability. Further, it is regarded as a hallmark of God’s word. Philosophically, it represents discrimination and piercing power of wisdom. Sword keychains are available in an assortment of designs and colors.

Sword Keychains: A Symbol of Chivalry, Integrity, and Durability

Sword Keychain

Sword Keychains Available on Amazon

This keychain is made from a composite metal alloy material. The durable product has a set of two unique swords, about 5.9 inches in diameter. It represents the theme of Dark Souls 3 Artorias of the PS4 game.

Allow Sword Keychain

This wonder woman sword keychain is composed of high quality grayish imported alloy metal. It is fixed to a standard keyring with an additional lobster clasp.

Wonder Woman Sword Keychain

This artifact showcases a diamond-shaped sword depicted on the Minecraft video game. The metallic souvenir is molded and filled with enamel and measures 1.5 inches in diameter.

Diamond Sword Metal Keychain

It is a facsimile version of a sharpen tanto, which is a short sword. This tiger claw mini sharpened sword keychain is encased in a lovely sheath and is affixed to an easy-to-open key ring.

Mini Sharpened Sword Keychain

This elegant showpiece is an anime sword keychain depicting the Manga cartoon series. The item is firmly attached to a small key ring.

Anime Sword Keychain

Sword Keychains from Other Store

This memento is a berserk sword keychain enclosed in a lovely scabbard. It is firmly connected to a small chain and key ring.

Berserk Sword Keychain

This bleach sword keychain displays an exquisite replica of a real sword, with an additional casing to hold the item. A small key ring is attached to the cover.

Bleach Sword Keychain

It is a metallic sword keychain that can be used as a bike or car keychain. The article is firmly connected to a small chain and a lobster type key ring.

Metal Sword Keychain

This mini sword keychain is a beautifully designed metallic mini knife in an antique finish. It can be gifted to anyone, but especially men.

Mini Sword Keychain

It is a Sasuke sword keychain depicting the Japanese Naruto Manga series. This elegant ninja replica sword is 12 cm in size and is attached to a small lobster clasp.

Sasuke Sword Keychain

This lovely sword keychain is a carbon copy of the sword used by Yasuo in the online game of the League of Legends. The metallic alloy item is 15 cm in diameter.

Yasuo Sword Keychain

This memento showcases a set of 3 sword keychains representing the weapon used by Garen, the champion of the online game of League of Legends. The size of the item is 12.5 cm and weighs 30 gm.

Garen Sword Keychain

This attractive showpiece shows a Japanese sword keychain with an intricately designed sheath. Both the sword and the spathe is fixed separately to small chains, which in turn is connected to a standard key ring.

Japanese Sword Keychain

This keychain is an exact duplicate of an antique samurai sword made from zinc alloy metal. It measures two inches in height and half inches in width, and a cool gift to be given to any samurai fans.

Samurai Sword Keychain

Sword keychains can be found in a variety of shapes and colors. Most of these unique artifacts depict the famous Manga series, while some of them portray the samurai weapons. These lovely novelties can be presented to anybody, but men will like them the most.






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