Penny is a British bronze coin in various countries. The significance of a penny is important from several aspects. From a numeric factor, the number one in a penny depicts positive stamina, sovereignty, and resurgence. Further, it indicates simplicity and clarity both in spiritual and physical facets in one’s life. Penny keychains are obtainable in unique designs and charms for your dear and near ones.

Penny Keychains: Denoting Autonomy and Purity

Penny Keychain

Penny Keychains Available on Amazon

This keychain is a charm of good fortune for all newly passed out graduates. It includes a graduate cap and a penny of 2019. Besides, the items are made from composite zinc alloy metal.

Good Luck Penny Keychain

This penny keychain is a handcrafted item and displays a US one-cent coin or penny made totally from copper metal. A heart-shape is etched on the coin with the word of ‘liberty’ and ‘in God we trust.’ This is an item recommended to be gifted to couples.

2012 Penny Keychain

This is a pair of penny keychains displaying the seventh-anniversary gift, especially for couples. The item is created totally of copper metal and shows a charm for the year 2013.

7 Year Penny Keychain

This penny keychain consists of a luck graduate tablet, and a coin formed out of copper. It is embossed with the year of graduation of 2017 in a heart-sign. Both the items are fixed separately in a standard key ring.

Graduation Penny Keychain

It is a penny keychain created out of copper and zinc alloy material. This is a hand-stamped customized coin showcasing the year 2017 and the words of liberty.

Hand Stamped Penny Keychain

Penny Keychains from Other Stores

This keychain charm includes three detached metallic pennies engraved with the words, ‘Knock Knock Knock.’ All three coins are firmly connected with separate tiny rings to another large metallic loop, which is again affixed to a standard key ring.

Knock Knock Knock Penny Keychain

This is a penny keychain charm made of copper metal and is attached to a small key ring. It is a tailored souvenir etched with the initials, anniversary date, and heart sign, and is a perfect anniversary gift.

Anniversary Penny Keychain

This is a handcrafted product formed out of copper metal. One of the pairs is embossed with the words, I love you, whereas the other one says, today tomorrow forever. Both the coins are attached separately onto a copper split key ring.

Copper Penny Keychain

This lucky penny keychain encloses a penny coin encased within a hardened glass cover. The currency is hanged to an easy-to-open knob key ring with a small chain.

Lucky Penny Keychain

It is a penny keychain charm consisting of two individual products, namely a zinc-alloy made heart-shaped tablet engraved with the words; I love you. The other one is a real US penny coin hand-stamped with the words, Mom.

Mothers Day Penny Keychain

It is penny keychain meant for one’s father, inscribed with the words; my dad is my hero. The Father’s Day gift is available in three different colors and is fixed to a standard key ring.

Penny Keychain for Dad

Penny keychains are gifts that symbolize good fortune, apart from showcasing autonomy and coherence. It can be presented to anyone irrespective of age and gender, and for different occasions.

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