Patriots Keychain

For all football fanatics across the United States, the term Patriots is a popular name. Patriots or New England Patriots are the professional American Football team based in the Greater Boston area. The logo is also known as Flying Elvis, which illustrates courage, determination, overwhelming spirit, and the stamina of the players. Moreover, the blue, red, and white colors in the emblem denote purity and patriotism for one’s nation. Thus, Patriot keychains are available in an assortment of designs and price tags.

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Transformers Keychain

Transformers are a series of the animated cartoon character inspired by a series movies by the same name. Nowadays, especially youngsters want to obtain these collectibles for their own or gift someone as a token of friendship. Transformers are characterized by their multi-skilled automated capabilities of performing nearly impossible jobs.

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Hulk Keychain

Hulk is a famous iconic cartoon character depicting power and masculinity. He is an aggressive warrior and a protector. Thus Hulk keychain portrays the physical strength and inborn trait of everyone’s dream of becoming a superhero. Nowadays, it is a fashion to represent Hulk in collectibles and merchandise. The item is meant for young and teenagers who see themselves as a crusader in their lives.

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Angel Wing Keychain

Angel wing symbolizes divine protection and a feeling of closeness to God. The unique collection of keychains with designs of angel wings can be treated as a valuable token of remembrance. Nowadays, there is a huge trend, especially among young generations, to purchase or gift this unique novelty for their near and dear ones. Thus, it should be treated as a prized possession, as there is nothing better than angel wings.

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Betty Boop Keychain

Betty Boop keychains are an assortment of souvenirs for all cartoon loving persons. These items exhibit the attractive animated caricature of Betty Boop. It portrays the shyness yet charismatic self-confidence of a small girl to justify herself as a mature woman. We have presented some of the best keychains with this famous Betty Boop figurines in the following list.

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Buddha Keychain

The Buddha keychain symbolizes peace, compassion, wisdom, and enlightenment. It is a perfect gift for anyone who is looking for tranquility and happiness. Someone can use the item as a lucky charm and for bringing positive thoughts in their minds. Available in a variety of materials like plastic, wood, leather, and metal, here is a collection of fashionable Buddha keychains given below that have been reviewed by us. Feel free to check them out and get the one you like.

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Horseshoe Keychains

Horseshoe symbolizes fortune and works as a good luck charm to give protection against evil spirits and negative energy. Horseshoe keychains are trendy, lightweight, pocket-sized and durable in nature. The clasping system is extremely flexible. Moreover, the thing is available in all sorts of materials from plastic to wood, and metal to leather, with unisex designs. From many charming options given below you can choose the one you like the most.

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