Guitar Keychains

The guitar is a stringed musical instrument originating in Spain. The device symbolizes tune, harmony, contentment, realization, coordination, mystical, and dynamic aspects of life. A guitar helps to improve concentration, memory and makes a person disciplined. Guitar keychains can be gifted to anyone, irrespective of gender. It is available in an assortment of shapes, materials, and designs.

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Harley Quinn Keychains

Harley Quinn is an imaginary character appearing in a cartoon by DC Comics. It was originally conceptualized for the cartoon Batman. She portrays as a student in the DC Superhero Girls cartoon show, showing a dynamic, friendly, and a hysterical comedian personality. Harley Quinn keychains are available in different shapes and materials for anyone, especially the ardent followers.

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Penny Keychains

Penny is a British bronze coin in various countries. The significance of a penny is important from several aspects. From a numeric factor, the number one in a penny depicts positive stamina, sovereignty, and resurgence. Further, it indicates simplicity and clarity both in spiritual and physical facets in one’s life. Penny keychains are obtainable in unique designs and charms for your dear and near ones.

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Pikachu Keychains

Pikachu is a cartoon character, and is a rodent with electrical discharge capabilities with its tail, and depicts a Japanese action-adventure Manga series. It means glittering mice are making unique sounds of a rodent. Moreover, the character has electricity storing pouches in its cheeks. Pikachu signifies intelligence, charm, craziness, and dynamic behavior. Pikachu keychains are available for gifts in an assorted range of colors and patterns.

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Pokeball Keychains

Pokeball is a spherical ball fitting totally inside the palm of a hand. This Pokeball carries the Pokemon character inside them and measures around 8 cm in diameter. It signifies a logo for the Pokemon game, with its colors ranging from bright green to vibrant red. It signifies Kalos-native, which means attractive from inside and unity of men and women. When a Pokemon is caught, the ball vibrates with multi-color flashes. The Pokeball keychains are available in various designs and material, and some even with in-built lights inside.

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Snoopy Keychains

Snoopy is a fictitious cartoon character from the comic series of Peanuts. Snoopy symbolizes a loyal personality but occasionally displays an egocentric, hungry, and lazy temperament towards his owner. It is always curious with its prying eyes. The cute dog depicts a hilarious and friendly image. Snoopy keychains are available for anyone in different materials and designs.

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Goku Keychains

Goku is a fictitious Japanese comic character from the Dragon Ball manga series. The meaning of the term Goku is, ‘aware of emptiness,’ and he possesses some superhuman abilities. The persona of Goku showcases enduring physical strength and divine energy to suppress his opponents. Goku portrays himself as a robust warrior character with strong leadership skills. Goku keychains are available in different materials and fashions, especially for young generation boys and girls who adore the manga comics.

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Nautical Keychains

A nautical theme includes various maritime miniatures like anchors that symbolize the deep meaning of stability, protection, and being in a balanced state. It further signifies hope, tranquility, and commitment. Nautical keychains portray durability and a robust foundation. For any person, it signifies a sense to uphold their inner values to the utmost perfection and a bright future. Nautical keychains are very popular nowadays for persons of any age and gender.

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