The heart is the symbol of love. It signifies wisdom in a person and is a focal point merging the tangible and metaphysical aspects in one’s life. Moreover, it symbolizes humanity, devotion, ethical intelligence and individuality in a person. Heart keychains are especially a cool gift for couples and are available in various designs and substances.

Heart Keychains: A Symbol of Passion, Sympathy, and Attachment

Heart Keychain

Heart Keychains Available on Amazon

This unique product showcases a pair of heart keychains formed in the shape of a split-heart and is perfect as a gift for couples and lovers. It is made from non-allergic pure stainless steel metal.

Split Heart Keychain

An attractive keychain depicting a soft velvety heart made from artificial fur or pile fabric. The heart is around 10 cm in diameter and is firmly fixed to a small chain onto a key ring.

Fuzzy Heart Keychain

This memento consists of an infinity heart in a handmade intricate design, and a tablet showing the love between mothers and daughters. It is composed of pure non-corrosive anti-allergic premium quality stainless steel.

Infinity Heart Keychain

This keychain shows a handcrafted leather heart filled with cotton and stitched delicately with a silk thread. It is firmly attached to a stainless steel ring.

Leather Heart Keychain

This is a charming heart keychain carved with a premium quality 14 facet dazzling crystals. A lobster clasp and a stylish key ring hold the exclusive product with a small chain and features a stitched tassel and a tiny ball. It is a very cute item for any girl, serving as an accessory to her handbag or purse.

Glitter Heart Keychain

Heart Keychains from Other Stores

It is a heart-shaped locket formed as a keychain made from brass metal and enameled in a silver-tone. A lobster easy-to-open fastener holds the souvenir in a sturdy chain.

Heart Locket Keychain

This heart-shaped novelty is a lovely keychain carved out of composite zinc alloy. It is securely connected to a ring by a durable chain.

Heart Shaped Keychain

This is a pair of unisex keychains displaying a heart, shaped like a love key, and also a cute tiny heart within it. The second charm shows a love key. Both the items are separately hanged from the individual large hearts and are made from composite alloy.

Heart and Key Keychain

A swanky heart keychain exhibiting a translucent crystal heart shows a unique and passionate shade of red. The novelty is firmly affixed to a robust key ring with a solid chain.

Crystal Heart Keychain

A lovely heart-shaped keychain in an alluring golden tone with a Swarovski locket is featured here. The elegant showpiece dazzles under light and is steadily attached to a ring by a chain. It is perfect for couples and lovers as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Gold Heart Keychain

It is a half-heart keychain showing two partial hearts dangling individually from a lobster clasp and sturdy chain. The exotic keychain is composed of nickel-finished anti-corrosive metal engraved with couples’ names on each half.

Half Heart Keychain

This uniquely designed keychain is a product from Archies. It shows a lovely joint heart etched with a cupid arrow and hung from both halves of the heart and attached to a two separate rings and strong chains.

Heart Keychain for Couples

It is an exclusive furry and soft heart-shaped keychain hanging from a lobster clasp with a ring and chain. The clasp, ring, and the chain is made from bronze-coated zinc alloy metal.

Plush Heart Keychain

This is an exclusive showpiece displaying a large and small sparkling heart made from glittering crystals on one side and enamel-coated on the other. Both the hearts are securely connected to a standard key ring by robust chains.

Heart Keychain Photos

It is a set of three handmade keychains made from premium quality cotton fibre and elegantly embroidered to give an exquisite look. All the three keychains are separately fixed to stainless steel key rings.

Crochet Heart Keychain

This is an exclusive love heart keychain depicting a shiny enamel-coated heart designed by the famous New York artificer Kate Spade. It is firmly fixed to an easy-to-open key ring with a sturdy chain.

Love Heart Keychain Images

Heart keychains are the most sought after mementos by lovers and couples showcasing the passion and emotion in each person.

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