Goku is a fictitious Japanese comic character from the Dragon Ball manga series. The meaning of the term Goku is, ‘aware of emptiness,’ and he possesses some superhuman abilities. The persona of Goku showcases enduring physical strength and divine energy to suppress his opponents. Goku portrays himself as a robust warrior character with strong leadership skills. Goku keychains are available in different materials and fashions, especially for young generation boys and girls who adore the manga comics.

Goku Keychains: A Statement of Mystical Energy and Chivalry

Goku Keychain

Goku Keychains Available on Amazon

It is a limited edition keychain depicting the Dragon Ball character of Super Saiyan God Goku. The item is made from non-toxic PVC plastic and is firmly affixed to a lobster clasp and key ring.

Super Saiyan God Goku Keychain

This artifact comprises of four Dragon Ball Super Goku forms made from composite metal. All the four figures are fixed separately to a standard key ring, which again is attached to an easy-to-open lobster clasp.

Metal Goku Keychain

This Goku keychain is made from durable skin-safe PVC plastic. The collectible showcases an energetic and husky Dragon Ball Z Goku figure, fixed to a lobster fastener and a key ring.

DBZ Goku Keychain

This keychain portrays a Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Goku with Blue hair, connected to a lobster buckle, and a key ring. The adorable limited edition souvenir can be a great gift for all Dragon Ball fans.

Goku Blue Keychain

Goku Keychains from Other Stores

The comic figure of Super Saiyan Goku is carved out of composite zinc alloy and securely joined to a small key ring with a chain. The hair of the character has a lovely multicolor look.

Super Saiyan Goku Keychain

This Goku keychain depicts the Super Saiyan 3 form of the cartoon figure. It is made entirely of non-allergic and long-lasting PVC plastic, measuring around 2.5 inches in height.

Dragon Ball Z Goku Keychain

It is an exclusive keychain depicting the Anime manga character of Goku built of glass with a metallic knob to hold the item. The uniqueness of this keepsake is that it has an in-built LED light, which looks attractive, especially at night time.

Goku Led Keychain

It is a kid Goku keychain with a double-sided feature. The item is mainly meant for young kids and is a handwrought novelty.

Kid Goku Keychain

Goku keychains are meant explicitly for all manga fanatics, although they can be gifted to others and manifest the eternal vigor of a mighty gladiator.

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