A card holder is a small and horizontal sheath primarily used to carry cash, credit card, identification documents like pan card, and driver’s license. The significance of a cardholder lies in its portability, smaller dimensions, and ability to protect the documents. It is an elegant gift, which can be presented to our dear and near ones. Card holder keychains are available in various kinds of materials and exclusive range of designs.

Card Holder Keychains: A Token of Security and Convenience

Card Holder Keychain

Card Holder Keychains Available on Amazon

This card holder keychain comes with ten high-quality transparent holders for driver’s license and important documents. It is firmly affixed to a small key ring.

Plastic Card Holder Keychain

It is an attractive card holder made from 100% authentic soft and durable Nappa leather. The uniqueness of this product is that it has a silver lining that blocks RFID signals, which ensures that the traveler’s identity is protected during travels and shopping. It has six card slots, apart from a zipped money pocket.

Mens Card Holder Keychain

This keychain showcases a women’s’ mini card holder created from synthetic lightweight leather. It is a portable small purse with five card slots and one zipper coin compartment for convenience.

Womens Card Holder Keychain

This keychain displays a lightweight purse cum card holder made from artificial PU leather. The front of the card holder is transparent to enable the id cards to be visible. It is firmly attached to a lobster clasp and a key ring.

Vertical Style Card Holder Leather Keychain

This souvenir consists of a zippered card holder made with highly-durable scratch-resistant Saffiano leather. The novelty has an exterior compartment for cards and a slip pocket for practical usage. It is firmly connected to an attractive chain and key ring.

Card Holder Keychain with Zipper

Card Holder Keychains from Other Stores

This credit card holder keychain is a miniature soft leather item. It houses different compartments for keeping cards and ids, apart from a slide fastener for keeping coins.

Credit Card Holder Keychain

It is a keychain showing an id card holder fitted with a nylon fastener. The item can be folded and has a compact design.

ID Card Holder Keychain

This keychain mini card holder displays a portable casing with multiple pouches to hold essential documents. It is fixed to a chain and a ring and is a gift item of great use.

Keychain Mini Card Holder

It is a keychain card holder formed from hand-stitched genuine cow leather. The exquisite keepsake is a cool present for anyone, coming with a safety button to keep the cards protected. It also holds two demo keys firmly affixed to a key ring, which in turn connects the card holder.

Leather Card Holder Keychain

This keychain card holder, specially created from silicone rubber helps to keep the SD memory card secure. It is securely fixed to a chain with a ring.

SD Card Holder Keychain

This keychain card holder is composed of deluxe quality authentic leather with four individual slots for cards, and a top-stacking middle compartment to keep the currency notes. The novelty can be secured with a firm button.

Black Card Holder Keychain

Card holder keychains can be gifted to anybody, irrespective of gender. These exclusive mementos come with a primary motive of protection from dust, and water.

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